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Clockwise from top left: Charlotte, Bit, and Dizzy

These Are
The Voyages

It started with this guy in the early eighties, California's Bay Area.


Within years, I was drawing, writing, reading, building LEGOs. My mom says I started reading at two-and-a-half when I ripped the book out of her hands because I didn't like being read to. All of this tracks; I still don't like it.

Into my teenage years, I continued developing as an artist. I wrote short stories, drew sketches. I got deeply interested in computers. I played computer and video games and eventually made my own.

I also got into Magic: the Gathering and began making my own card games.

I fell in love with screenwriting and learned how to direct when I began college. My passion is working within the horror genre.

Channel Zero shoot.jpg
Herr Direktor.png

But from time to time, I've also done videography, and pinch hit on other people's productions.


At the same time, I fell further down the PC enthusiast rabbit hole, and I was building out a writing career reviewing computer hardware. I reviewed anything that wasn't nailed down by someone else at the sites I wrote for, but did my best work covering notebooks and desktops. I built and fixed computers for everyone in my social circle. Eventually I would jump the fence and work within the industry, starting in technical marketing and moving up to product marketing, managing Corsair's burgeoning systems business and helping build it out from scratch.


In late 2021 I moved back to Antioch to be closer to friends and family, where I now reside with my three perfect cats, Bit, Charlotte, and Dizzy. My free time is spent writing, socializing, watching horror movies and documentaries, and playing video games (PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC).

The most important thing to me is this: that we, as a species, must create. We are the only species on the planet that creates art, and without art, what else is there?

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