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Product Portfolio

I've had the privilege of working with several talented teams to bring a broad range of well-reviewed products to market, managing physical products, software experiences, go-to-market strategies, and much more.

“The Corsair One continues to be our favorite compact high-performance gaming desktop.”

PC Mag, review of CORSAIR ONE a200

Gaming/Streaming Notebook PC

VOYAGER Gaming Laptop

Corsair's first notebook PC, designed to replicate the experience of a full desktop streaming setup in a mobile platform, integrating software from Elgato's line of streaming products.

I wrote the original marketing specification for this notebook outlining all of the integrated technologies and personally designed the S-Key Macro Bar (see below).


Gaming Desktop PCs

CORSAIR ONE Compact Gaming PC

(2nd Generation)

I managed and maintained the original CORSAIR ONE after its launch, then immediately set to work updating and future-proofing the design.

I wrote the marketing specification and brought all stakeholders together to rework the internal design. We were able to massively upgrade the cooling system, reduce noise, and improve all aspects of the user experience, all without affecting the dimensions of the first generation design.

I also drove the marketing for it, and am named on two patents relating to its design and engineering (see below).

VENGEANCE 7000 Gaming PC

The goal with the VENGEANCE 7000 series was to create a premium desktop gaming PC in the more traditional tower form factor, with enhanced lighting and cooling performance beyond its competitors. We also needed an open, adaptable platform that could be quickly updated with component updates from Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA.

I wrote the marketing specification and selected the components used, working with engineering to optimize for noise and performance. As a result, the VENGEANCE 7000 often will outperform competing like-for-like gaming PCs while running quieter.

VENGEANCE 4000 Gaming PC

I authored the marketing specifications, selected components, and drove marketing for this line of mid-tower gaming desktops.

VENGEANCE 5000 Gaming PC

I authored the marketing specifications, selected components, and drove marketing for this line of unique, cube-shaped gaming desktops.

Content Creation Desktop PC


Compact Workstation PC

Part of the development of the second generation CORSAIR ONE was centered around this moonshot product. The goal was to create a version that could handle Intel's high core count X-series processors and their quad-channel memory, then gear the whole product to content creators.

This version was developed in partnership with Intel. I authored the marketing specifications, worked with engineering, and drove the development and marketing of this variant. We later opened up the line to AMD's own high core count Ryzen desktop processors.

When we marketed this product, we focused on testimonials from content creators and feature/benefit messaging.

Gaming Monitors

XENEON Gaming Monitors

(32QHD165, 32QHD240, 32UHD144)

We entered the hotly competitive display market looking for specific ways to increase/improve value for end customers.

I authored the marketing specifications for the XENEON displays in collaboration with engineering, optimizing the internal performance and available options, and including adding and defining iCUE software control support that allowed end users to configure the display from the Windows desktop in addition to the standard physical joystick controls.

PC Components

iCUE RGB PRO XT Liquid Coolers

For a brief period I managed the liquid cooling product line before handing it off to a full time manager. At the time, we needed a high performance, mainstream family of liquid coolers.

I worked closely with engineering to find simple ways to optimize the product line. We introduced more easily swappable caps for system integrators, changed colors and packaging on the mounting kits to make it easier to install, and brought to market our first class-leading cooler with a 360mm radiator, the iCUE H150i PRO XT.


High Performance PC Barebone Kit

My first assignment as a provisional product manager (while still in technical marketing) was taking over this product. Our second generation design was a notable improvement in almost all respects, re-using the existing chassis while improving the motherboard, updating with quieter fans and a quieter cooler, and dramatically improving ease of assembly.

Carbide 600 Series

While working in technical marketing, I was brought in to help develop a new PC case focused on silent operation. This layout was largely my design, then refined by engineering and product marketing teams.

The inverted layout was explicitly chosen to reduce system noise without sacrificing high performance. System noise often escapes from the top of the case; flipping the layout while allowing ample airflow through the floor of the case helps reduce and muffle overall noise.


Windows Out of Box Experience

I authored the specification for our Windows system image and optimized the development process to ensure systems shipped with up to date drivers, software, and Windows patches.

The out of box experience was frequently cited in reviews as a high point of our PCs. Clean, minimalistic assets and bare minimum software and bloat was vital. Competing systems often included multiple software suites that could hamper real world performance; we stripped it down to just the essentials to keep our systems performant and easy to use.

iCUE System Integration

All of our systems shipped with control for cooling and lighting within Corsair's iCUE software suite. I co-developed the specification for the user experience with the software team.

I also authored the specification for integrating our displays with iCUE, allowing end users to easily change and update settings and firmware from the desktop.


While iCUE was in development, I took over management duties for the CORSAIR LINK 4 software that controlled our PC component products. I managed critical updates, product additions, feature updates, and the eventual sunsetting of the software suite.

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