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Dustin Sklavos

Tech Writer, Product Marketing Manager, Systems Architect, and more...

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Colin Brix, Global Client Partner Program Architect, Intel

"Dustin has a deep product marketing knowledge and tactics including TAM expansion, customer and tier segmentations, competitive landscape, roadmap cadence and new technology and product introductions. As the lead Systems Architect at Corsair, Dustin drove product development for a range of HEDT products that grew Corsair systems revenue to $100m+ and led the SFF Corsair ONE to become the #1 selling US gaming PC on Amazon in the $2000 and above category."

Executive Summary

Growth-oriented polymath with two decades of industry experience. I helped found a $100M+ business unit, originated class-leading products and whole product lines, authored documentation and copy, drove marketing, herded cats, and got things done.

I exist at the intersection of art and technology.


2019 Innovation Awards Honoree Logo_edited_edited.png

Engineering Patent 10459498, Heat dissipation in a three chamber chassis of a personal computer

​Design Patent D906,332, Ornamental design of a computer case

CES 2019 Innovation Award, Corsair One Pro i180 workstation PC

And multiple additional product awards from various outlets.

Professional Experience

Corsair Gaming

January 2016 - December 2021

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Corsair One_edited.png
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October 2013 - December 2015


• Founding manager of Systems Business Unit and grew it to $100M+ annually through market-leading, high-ASP, well-reviewed products, consistently meeting and exceeding KPIs
• Product marketing, product manager, product designer, and systems architect for Corsair’s first gaming and workstation PCs, notebook PCs, and displays; interim manager for cooling and software
• Managed end-to-end product cycle across multiple categories
• Developed and maintained expert knowledge of customer profiles, semiconductor industry trends and roadmaps, and new technologies
• Planned and presented product roadmaps to teams and executives based on competitive and market analysis, sales data, customer feedback, and overall TAM
• Authored POA and POR proposals, Market Requirements Document (MRD), product specification, software documentation, software wireframes, technical documentation, user guides, instruction manuals, messaging documents, and marketing briefs and communications for web, A+ content, video, and social media
• Researched, tested, documented, compared, and selected components (processors, graphics cards, motherboards, memory, flash, cooling, chassis, power supplies, ICs) for products
• Collaborated with engineering on thermal, acoustic, and microcontroller selection, specification, and design
• Reworked internal processes and drove development cross-functionally to ensure quality and improve efficiency
• Coordinated with teams and partners across North America, East Asia, South Asia, and Europe
• Co-developed and executed GTM strategy with MARCOM and PR
• Maintained product support and EOL processes


• Provisional product manager for new Systems business unit
• Authored white papers, blogs, video scripts, marketing copy, marketing briefs, GTM plans, and other end-user-facing messaging, emphasizing feature/benefit of products
• Researched, compiled, and presented industry roadmaps, industry trends, new technologies, user feedback, and user profiles to executives, sales, engineering, product marketing, and public re
• Shot and edited instructional videos and blogs (Adobe Premiere)
• Researched, developed, and executed testing and benchmarking processes across product lines
• Contributed to design and development of products across PC case, cooling, DRAM, SSD, HID devices, software, and other categories

AnandTech, The Tech Report,, et al

July 2005 - April 2014


• Researched, wrote, photographed, and edited reviews, user guides, videos, and blogs for AnandTech, The Tech Report,,, and
• Tailored content to a wide range of audiences, including non-technical users, content creators, PC enthusiasts, and industry contacts
• Researched, designed, and implemented testing procedures sued for benchmarking, testing, and reviewing gaming, content creation, and workstation desktop and notebook PCs, cases, PC cooling, solid state storage, and other components
• Networked with and provided actionable feedback to industry contacts at PC component and semiconductor corporations


Bachelor of Arts, Visual Arts, Media/Film, Cum Laude, University of California, San Diego, 2009


Member of American Mensa and Phi Beta Kappa

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