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Writing Portfolio

I've written marketing copy, technology reviews, marketing briefs, internal specifications, white papers, blogs, and so much more.

Technology Press

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Component Reviews

for Enthusiasts

Reviews of PC hardware tailored for enthusiasts and the industry.

Review and how-to covering custom liquid cooling in desktop PCs.

Capsule review giving impressions of a variety of gaming headsets.

Detailed review of the Alienware 18 gaming notebook.

Index of articles.



Casual blog discussing various topics in the gaming and PC hardware sphere.

Discussing the Skinner box gameplay loop of some games.

Autobiographical semi-narrative detailing the troubleshooting/upgrade spiral enthusiasts can fall down.

Essay discussing the way video games are evolving along the same path as motion pictures had.

Index of articles.


Consumer Guides and Software Reviews

NotebookReview has since shut down, but articles are still available from

On site reporting of Intel's G965 notebook graphics release.

Part 5 of an 11-part series explaining at a consumer level how notebooks are designed.

Buyer's guide for budget notebook shoppers.

Technical Writing

White Paper

and Blogging

Public relations and technology testing/writing.

White paper introducing new DDR4 memory standard.

Blog demonstrating effect of memory speed on AMD's Kaveri processor architecture.

Blog discussing overclocking performance, power consumption, and features of Intel Haswell-E processors.


Samples of product documentation.

I also wrote multiple Marketing Requirements Documents (MRDs) for software and hardware, which unfortunately cannot be shared.

Instruction manual and guide for building a PC inside Corsair's Bulldog 2.0 barebones kit.

Instruction manual detailing installation of iCUE H100i/H115i/H150i PRO XT liquid coolers.

Quick-start guide for Corsair One PC, detailing connectivity and including a troubleshooting FAQ.


Creative Writing

City of Shadows 1.jpg

My degrees are in the creative arts. Over the past twenty years, I've written prose, screenplays, and more.

To learn more about my creative work, click below:

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