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Marketing Portfolio

I co-developed marketing content for these products - customer profiles, internal web pages, A+ content, and external messaging - in partnership with Marketing Communications, Video, and Public Relations teams.

Corsair One

Corsair One is for someone who wants a lifestyle computer, something distinctive. It's unique, powerful, quiet, and a real head-turner. This user games, they want to game in style, and they're willing to pay a little extra to get something exciting.

This is a premium-level, lifestyle product with a price to match. It's not a "speeds and feeds" gaming PC; it has competitive performance, but it's the small form factor, near silent operation, and sleek industrial design that make it desirable.

The press cycle targeted both traditional PC press and more specialized reviewers and influencers who would be able to emphasize the technology and experience.

Our own marketing assets and A+ content further drove that message home, drawing on demonstrating its size and how the end user benefited from its patented engineering and design.

Corsair One Crop

Corsair One

A lifestyle gaming PC, positioned as the fastest and quietest small form factor PC on the market by emphasizing patented liquid cooling design and stellar gaming performance.

Corsair One Pro

Moonshot workstation variant of the Corsair One. We again emphasized it as a lifestyle product for artists and content creators while driving feature/benefit messaging.

Vengeance 7000

Geared as a more traditional high-end PC with marketing focusing on its gaming performance, the pedigree of its components, and its personalized lighting options.

Vengeance 4000

Standard form factor, workhorse gaming PC. Marketed on speeds and feeds, traditional layout, and excellent performance.

Vengeance 5000

We centered on the unique form factor and lighting while communicating to the traditional speeds-and-feeds, branding-oriented customer.


Targeted as a kit for building a home theater PC, pushing low profile, 4K gaming performance, and quiet acoustics.

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